Conversation Starters

Get your group into the sharing mood with some fun, thought-provoking questions. This activity is the quickest way to squash those awkward silent starts.

Conversation Starters

Kick every meeting off with a fun round of conversation starters. Check out our database of over 800 conversation starters and add your own questions to the board.

How to facilitate

Option #1 - Each column is a question

  1. Set-up your board by creating a number of columns, each with their own question.
  2. Have people answer those questions by posting their idea in the column. Bonus points for images or GIFs!

This option is ideal if you have a smaller group (less than 50) and want to get more from your participants. Your people can share images and gifs, vote on their favourite answers, and comment on each other's responses.

Option #2 - Each card is a question

  1. Post your questions as a card.
  2. Have people share their answers in the comment section.

This option lowers the participation threshold, making it easier for people to get involved. Try this option if you have a larger group. For option #2, set the board as View Only so participants can't post cards.

Option #3 - A board of questions

  1. Post your conversation starters and turn off, liking, comments, and posting.
  2. Ask your participants to pick a card and share their answer verbally, either all together or in a breakout group.
Use Cases
Team Building
Ideal Participant Count
5 - 15 minutes
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