Hands-on learning for distributed teams.

Don't let distance between your people prevent you from having engaging and effective team workshops.

Workshops that work for remote teams.

Teams are increasingly distributed as more people can work wherever they have a laptop and WiFi. Although the flexibility and convenience of remote work is attractive it comes with its challenges, mainly how can we build strong relationships with our team and a culture of growth.

Video conferencing tools can only take us so far. Often webinars feel flat and passive. With Benji, your remote teams will finally have the chance to learn with and from their teammates with our interactive team exercises.

Engagement like you've never seen before.

Building skills or changing behaviour requires meaningful experiences. Benji makes it easy for remote and distributed teams to have engaging hands-on learning together.

A shared screen to guide everyone through the workshop.

Get everyone together on a video chat. The organizer will launch the Benji session and share their screen with the group. Everyone can then join the session through their smartphones.

Interactive workshop activities in the palm of your hand.

Move beyond simple polls and Q&A and see how Benji's collection of 30 team activities can breath life into your remote training sessions.
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“As the leader of a remote team it is a major challenge to find ways to build skills together. Benji provides a workshop experience no matter where your team is located and ensures it is both fun and engaging.”

Magnus Rashid, Manager, Sales-Retail Systems
The Kraft Heinz Company

What Benji can do for your teams.


Make your workshops work

It's difficult engaging participants if they aren't physically with you. With Benji's activities we make it easy to keep everyone fully engaged.

Track skills development

As participants interact with the Benji platform we are able to track all of their touch points. This allows us to give you insight into their development.

Leave no employee behind.

Don't provide your remote employees a second tier employee experience. Involve all of your people with Benji's remote workshops.

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