Treat your team to an interactive session on pitching.

Learn how to be more persuasive by understanding how to deliver a clear, concise, and compelling elevator pitch.
At Benji, we understand that people learn best by doing. Our game-based learning platform guides teams through immersive workshops that push you to apply your learning.

Through this 45-minute workshop focused on pitching, participants will engage in three different team activities to practice building, evaluating, and delivering pitches.
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“What surprised me most about Benji was how fun it was! It also helped our team build out some critical skills."

Will Richman, CEO, Growth Genius

What you'll learn.

Anatomy of the pitch
Answer the essential questions of who, what, how, and why.
Make it compelling
Capture your audience's attention to make your pitch memorable.
Avoid common pitfalls
Learn common pitfalls and how to avoid them.
Situational awareness
Tailor your pitch to your audience and situation.

How a Benji session works.

We've worked hard to make sure Benji is so easy to use you don't need any instructions. That said, here are some instructions.

Launch the session on a common screen and join with your phone.

Get everyone together around a screen, either in-person or remote, just as if someone was giving a presentation. Launch the session and have everyone join through their smartphones.

Follow the guidance of your instructor.

Each workshop has an industry expert there to share their knowledge and give you step-by-step guidance through all of our hands-on activities.

Practice your skills with immersive activities.

Benji's magic is that we facilitate all kinds of team learning from role-plays, brainstorms, to guided-discussions.
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Meet your instructor.

This session focused on pitching is led by Ryan Nahas. He currently leads the Strategic Growth Initiatives team at Salesforce for their small business unit. He was also a founding member and Head of Sales at GrowthGenius, a start-up that has helped generate millions of dollars for growing companies around the world by automating the prospecting process.

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