We build the best damn activities.

Our toolkit of proven workshop activities give your teams the necessary opportunity to learn and develop together.

Creating a structure for collaboration and growth.

People learn and work best with people, not alone with their computer screens. Our activities have been designed with the help of seasoned trainers with decades of experience within their respective fields.

A range of interactive activities for all your engagement needs.

The building blocks of Benji sessions are activities. Each session is a customized mix of activities that get participants learning in a variety of different ways.

Break the ice

Often the key to a great workshop is starting off on the right foot. We have three different icebreakers that help get people’s energy levels up and ready to kick things off.

Test understanding

Test your group’s comprehension level as the session progresses with one of our many question and answer options.

Spark discussions

The core of any great workshop is a great conversation. Our discussion activities managing speaking times, coordinate groups, invite people to share their thoughts, and spark thoughtful dialogue through provocative prompts.

Capture the best ideas

Our simple brainstorming tool helps you record and visualize the progress of ideas. Proceed through the steps of ideation, organizing, categorizing, and voting to find insights and consensus easily.

Collect feedback and evaluations

Our feedback activities allow you to collect quantitative and qualitative data from participants in a variety of ways: checklist, likert scale, multiple choice, and open field text.

Practice with role-plays

Role-playing activities can be a very effective tool for developing skills. We manage the assignment of roles, setting the context, timing, and collecting peer-feedback to make this activity both fun and powerful.

Split the group up as needed

Our grouping activities all you to organize learners into whatever type of configurations necessary for other activities.

Videos to guide the group

Get everyone together around a screen, either in-person or remote, just as if someone was giving a presentation. Launch the session and have people join through their smartphones.

One size doesn't always fit all

We also build custom activities for groups that have specific learning goals that can't be reached with our offering.

94% of of employees say that they would stay at a company longer if it invested in their career development.

LinkedIn Workplace Learning Report

Built to fit any learning program.

Building a Benji session is a simple process that starts with a kick-off meeting with one of our learning designers. Once we've identified your core learning outcomes we can build a session with our activities and content.

The content for Benji sessions can come from either your existing learning library or from one of our trusted, best-in-class training partners.

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