Case Study

MaRS Case Study

One of North America’s largest technology hubs increases their educational impact by bringing their online materials into the face-to-face realm.


MaRS Discovery District, located in downtown Toronto, is one of the world’s largest urban innovation hubs. They work to help innovators change the world by providing physical spaces for entrepreneurs, building a community of innovators, and creating a network of partnerships and resources.

As part of their education outreach component, MaRS runs a free 5-week online course called Entrepreneurship 101 (E101) that had over worldwide 7000 enrollees in 2016. Looking to expand the potential impact of the course, MaRS became interested in building an in-person complement to their online materials.


“With globally-distributed participants, how can we deliver an in-person complement to an online course in a scalable way?” 


Benji developed a peer-led learning experience to complement the E101 course, organizing in-person meetups of course participants. In addition to managing learner logistics and support, Benji also created a participant workbook and session guides. 


MaRS and Benji graduated their first cohort of 30 entrepreneurs. After hearing very positive feedback from the participants, MaRS will continue partnering with Benji to provide an in-person experience for their E101 course. MaRS is currently exploring expanding the offering to their other online courses as well.

Matt Parson

Over the past 6 years, Matt has been in the field of Higher Education getting his start at UBC then launching Canada's premier design and technology school, RED Academy. As an avid chef, you can find Matt either cooking and learning more about the future of education or eating and learning more about the future of education.
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