How Benji saved Connected's team building off-site.

How a company reimagined their yearly team building off-site during a time of social isolation.

The Opportunity 

Collaboration, team building and learning are fundamental to Connected.  One way this culture is supported is through a quarterly department off-site where team members can deepen their bonds with their peers and learn new skills. This year, the product management guild planned on a morning of workshop driven learning followed by an afternoon of curling. With the COVID-19 crisis looming, and everyone working from home, it looked like the whole day would be cancelled.  Unfortunately, the curling would have to wait; but with Benji, there was an opportunity to bring the team together for a fun hands-on workshop, virtually facilitated. 

What we delivered 

Throughout the sessions, the Benji virtual workshop platform guided Connected’s Product Manager group through a series of in-depth conversations and hands-on exercises that developed their listening and pitching abilities. In the first workshop, everyone practiced their listening skills through fun, role-play activities that had them consider ways to be more present, empathic, and curious while listening. The second workshop, Pitch Perfect, had everyone build and deliver two different pitches while trying various tactics to be more clear, concise, and compelling. 

Connected's Product Manager guild going through Benji's Pitch-o-Matic 3000 challenge.

How it succeed

"When we learned that our whole team would be socially distancing during our off-site, I was pretty bummed as this was something we’d be looking forward to and planning towards for a while.  Our off-site is a chance for us all to come together to learn some new skills, have fun and, more importantly, spend quality time getting to know others on the team”

Luckily, not all components of the offsite needed to be cancelled, Benji came through and delivered! Their virtual workshops were not only a lot of fun and delightful, but they also pushed people out of their comfort zone (in a low-pressure way!), which helped us get to know one another better. Everyone left with something that they'll take back to their daily work life. 

Benji made the remote experience feel less like just another video chat and more like an engaging workshop mixed with a multiplayer game. 10 out of 10, would do again!”
- Amy Weinreb, Product Manager.

Matt Parson

Over the past 6 years, Matt has been in the field of Higher Education getting his start at UBC then launching Canada's premier design and technology school, RED Academy. As an avid chef, you can find Matt either cooking and learning more about the future of education or eating and learning more about the future of education.
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