A window into your team's current and future skill set.

Benji’s mix of assessment methods provides you insight into your employee's strengths and weaknesses.

Removing the black box of skills tracking.

With learning becoming more and more dependent on digital technologies an opportunity to learn from the data created in these environment is emerging.

At Benji, we are focused on providing the supporting technology for in-person sessions. This gives us unique insight into how your employees are performing in real life.

The data footprint produced during each session gives you a picture into your employees' current skill level and where to focus on for future growth.

Our assessment methods

Combining data from a variety of sources we're able to paint a full picture of how a learner is performing on a wide-range of areas.
Method 1


The reflective process of self-assessments are both an effective learning and assessment tool.
method 2


Peer-evaluations with expert created rubrics with examples of excellent work produce reliable results.
method 3

Review Submitted Work

For areas that require greater due diligence or the eye of an expert, learners can submit work for review by a manager.
method 4


Test participants skills through in-session multiple choice, open field, and drag and drop questions.
method 5

Engagement Data

Every session tracks the "data footprint" left by participants important for understanding engagement levels.
method 6

Multi-Session Data

To look at single session data alone is to see the trees and miss the forest. Baseline skills and track improvement.

Shift from assessment of learning to assessment for learning

Harvard Education School

Benefit from seeing the full picture

With your Benji Skills Development Dashboard see exactly where your employees are currently at and in which direction their skills are trending.

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