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Experiential learning at scale.

The future of work will require dynamic teams with abilities like empathy, creativity, and critical thinking. The way companies train today can’t keep up with the rapidly evolving workplace. Instructor-led learning doesn't scale and e-learning wasn’t built to develop human skills.

We blend the scalability of a digital product with the collaborative learning experience of workshops. Learn in teams anywhere with our guided workshops.

Humans crave interaction, and tend to learn better with in-person environments.

- Association for Talent Development

How we bring learning to life.

The Benji platform introduces learners to complex topics, guides groups through active play-based learning, creates moments of reflection, and tracks progress over time. It’s an engaging hands-on learning experience that scales.

Expert trainers guide your team through every workshop.

Our best-in-class trainers introduce new techniques, ideas, and tips as they guide your team through each session.

Learn by doing with interactive team activities.

Developing new skills and behaviours requires hands-on experience and feedback which is exactly what our interactive activities offer.

A window into your team’s skill development.

Benji collects and analyzes a vast array of session data to provide you valuable insight into your team's growth.

Built to fit any learning program.

The content for Benji sessions can come from either your existing learning library or from one of our trusted, best-in-class training partners.

There are two ways that Benji sessions can fit into your organization’s learning program:
  • As self-contained workshops, Benji brings a consistent learning experience to teams across an organization, regardless of their location.
  • As practice sessions, Benji gives your teams the chance to practice and reinforce skills previously covered in a training engagement.

Is Benji right for you?

I want a culture of collaboration
Create moments of personal connection to make learning more effective and foster a collaborative culture, helping improve employee satisfaction, job effectiveness, and retention.
I want a new way for my teams to learn
Benji takes the best from other methods of training, like collaboration in a workshop and the data capabilities of online training, to create a new category of learning that easily fits into the workday.
I want team learning at scale
Benji works as easily for one team or a thousand teams across your organization. Our innovative technology allows your employees to run their own learning sessions whenever and wherever they like.

“Benji delivered an experience that rivalled my time at a tech bootcamp at literally a 20th of the cost!”

Megan Anevich
Program Manager, Not Far From The Tree
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