Hands-on learning that scales.

Benji's catalogue of interactive team exercises makes it easy to deliver workshops at any scale.
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Learn by doing, anytime & anywhere.

People learn by doing, yet e-learning is all about content and workshops are expensive to deliver and don’t scale.

Benji is the world’s first hands-on learning platform. We use gaming technology to facilitate teams through a range of interactive activities like role-plays, brainstorms, and guided-discussions. Learners share a common screen and join sessions with their smartphones which acts as their personal controller.

We help forward-thinking companies and training organizations deliver learning that is fun, effective, and scalable.

“For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.”

- Aristotle

How Benji brings learning to life.

Building skills or changing behaviour requires immersive experiences, but we’re all time-poor. Benji makes it easy for teams to have hands-on learning that fits into their busy schedule.

Launch a session on a common screen and join with your phone.

Get everyone together around a screen, either in-person or remote, just as if someone was giving a presentation. Launch the session and have everyone join through their smartphones.

Learn as a team with our workshop activities.

Benji's magic is that we facilitate all kinds of team learning from role-plays, brainstorms, to guided-discussions.
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Step-by-step directions.

Our activities can be paired with pre-recorded videos for an on-demand experience or with your live training (in-person or remote) to increase your engagement levels.

Track skills development and ROI with data.

With learning becoming more and more dependent on digital technologies an opportunity to learn from the data created in these environments is emerging.

At Benji, we collect and analyze a vast array of session data to provide you valuable insight into your team's growth.

Team learning made easy, no matter your challenges.

Remote teams

It's not always possible to get everyone together in the same room for workshop training. Not to worry!

Pair Benji with your favourite video conferencing platform and extend your workshops beyond the four walls of your meeting rooms.

Reinforcement learning

One-off workshops don't work because skills development and behaviour change requires practice.

Allow teams to take their development into their own hands with on-demand reinforcement sessions.

Scalable workshops

Scale a consistent and immersive workshop experience across your company regardless of your employee count or number of locations.

Consider us the ultimate support tool for a train-the-trainer program.

"Benji has been a game changer for us and helped scale our workshops. Highly recommended tool for anyone that wants to develop highly engaging and distributed learning experiences."

Aislinn Malszecki - Manager, Online Learning Strategy  
MaRS Discovery District

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