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Ditch the cluttered whiteboard and chaotic chat threads.
Benji brings your people, content, and discussions together into a single elegant place.
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Unstructured chaos

Scattered PDFs, crowded inboxes, endless chat threads, and chaotic whiteboards cause more anxiety than action.

  • Steep learning curve loses participants
  • Low accountability between sessions
  • Difficult to facilitate larger groups
  • Resources become scattered
  • Difficult to give personalized feedback
  • Lose ideas and people to crowded inboxes
  • Meeting overload
  • Timely process to create meeting recaps
  • Little continuity between live sessions

A beautiful place to share

Create a single space that will boost participation, improve outcomes, and save you time.

  • Increase participation rates
  • Zero hassle set-up saves you time
  • Give targeted feedback through comments
  • Automatically capture notes from meetings
  • Keep everyone informed and aligned
  • Accept all file types from your participants
  • Flexible enough for any activity or process
  • Improve client relationships
  • Find the most important ideas with rankings

How Benji Works

Create a dedicated space where you can easily share resources, capture ideas, and keep your people engaged.


Design a simple, beautiful space

At the heart of Benji are boards: spaces organized around a common purpose.  When you give every brainstorm, icebreaker, or coaching session it’s own board, you bring clarity to your work and maximize your impact.


Share with a link

Simply share a link to your space with your people, wherever they are, and they can join without logging in or creating an account.


Collaborate anytime, anywhere.

Leave every group session with a living artifact of your interactive discussion. It's easy to continue the conversation in between live calls with everything automatically captured and shared.

Why Benji?

Benji is the simplest way to collaborate, co-create, and connect with your people.

Collaboration that scales with ease

With no learning curve, it's easy to make sure everyone has a place to share their ideas.

Cut your set-up time in half

Preparing for a workshop or group training session has never been easier with Benji.

Deliver an experience that wows clients

Create a modern, interactive, and fun environment for your client engagements.

Some customer love

With Benji, I'm able to get twice as many activities done with my live groups and it's cut my set-up time by over 70%. Not a made-up number, I've tracked it!
Tim Hagen
President of Progress Coaching
When it comes to groups larger than 10, we needed a solution that gave more structure to our collaboration than the online whiteboards. Benji gives every participant a voice, no matter the size of the group.
Fahd Alhattab
Founder of Unicorn Labs

Built for endless uses

Benji gives you structure to all types of collaboration. These are just a few.


Have everyone share a bit about themselves or play a game of 2 truths and a lie.


Learners can post ideas, organize them into groups, and vote on their favourites.

Peer Feedback

Create breakout boards for peer groups where they can share and review their work.

Learner showcases

Ask your learners to showcase what they've learnt by posting onto a communal board.

Group coaching sessions

Get discussions started by getting participants to post and discuss each others ideas.

Feedback gathering

Participants can provide their feedback to you by posting their final thoughts on a board.

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