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Empower your learners to share their craziest ideas, connect with others, and exchange feedback.
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Why Benji?

Your learning programs will flourish here. Bring your passions, and we'll help you build a thriving community around them.

Grow and connect with your community

Today's fastest-growing learning companies are powered by thriving communities.

Host highly-engaging sessions

Learners crave real moments of connection and interaction during live sessions.

Accelerate learning with peer feedback

Scale personalized evaluations with breakout groups and peer feedback.

Designed for real connection

Invite people to share their creative ideas, spark meaningful conversations, and inspire your learners to grow with others.


Create a space where everyone is heard

No more getting lost in chat threads or busy whiteboards. Benji is a space where everyone's contributions are seen and celebrated.


Collaboration without the chaos

Design a seamless session experience with multiple boards available in different layouts. Assign boards to breakouts for smaller group work and discussions.


In real-time or on your own-time

Whether you're assigning a session or bringing everyone together live, Benji has you covered. Learners can share their voice whenever, and wherever.

Engagement made easy

Your solution to Zoom fatigue. We make it simple to bring your learners together in a way that’s both wildy fun and deeply meaningful.


Have everyone share a bit about themselves or play a game of 2 truths and a lie.

Peer Feedback

Create breakout boards for peer groups where they can share and review their work.


Learners can post ideas, organize them into groups, and vote on their favourites.

Learner Showcase

Ask your learners to showcase what they've learnt by posting onto a communal board.

Group Discussions

Get discussions started by getting participants to post and discuss each others ideas.

Exit Tickets

Participants can provide their feedback to you by posting their final thought on a board.

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