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Guided in-person learning sessions to help your employees improve the skills they need to excel on the job.
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The most effective way to learn.

Developing skills requires continuous practice which isn't just mindlessly repeating an activity. Practice when done well includes structure, intentionality, and feedback. Benji's platform ensures every session delivers an impactful learning experience.
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Track skills development in real-time.

With each Benji session our model of your employee's skill level gets updated and more accurate. See where your team's strengths and weaknesses are and make better informed training decisions.
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As easy for one team or a thousand.

Some learning activities aren't well suited for purely online courses, but delivering in-person training isn't scalable...until now. Enable your team to meet face-to-face and complete exercises no matter your organization's size or geographic distribution.
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Over 90% of all knowledge and skills are forgotten 30 days after a corporate training engagement.

-Deloitte Learning and Development Report

Our areas of expertise

We focus on content areas that require face-to-face learning and are high-impact to organizations. This has led us to focus on areas that centre around empathy, communication, and adaptability. Talk to us about how we can help you implement effective training programs in any of the following areas:
Leadership Development
Broad range of modules covering goal setting to managing difficult conversations.
Sales Training
Blend of leading sales theory with role playing and context specific exercises.
Improve your team's verbal and written and one to one and one to many communication skills.
Customer Service
Transform your team to become customer centric and outperform your competition.
Digital Transformation
Shift your company's mindset and take advantage of the digital revolution.
Design Thinking
Introduce various design thinking methodologies into your business.
We can also work with you to create a custom training program to fit your unique organizational needs.
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Read about how Benji has worked with organizations to improve their educational outcomes with our platform and approach.


We partnered with MaRS to bring their online course to life with deeper engagement opportunities.
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Ryerson University

We worked with Ryerson University to bring their students the skillset needed to become digital entrepreneurs.
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“Benji delivered an experience that rivalled my time at a tech bootcamp at literally a 20th of the cost!”

Megan Anevich
Program Manager, Not Far From The Tree
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